Who is LazyWaves

Having grown up on the west coast we have always been surrounded by ocean. The colours, smells and sounds are embedded into our minds, they helped shape us today and will influence who we become tomorrow.

One lazy afternoon we found ourselves immersed in the noise and atmosphere at our local café where we began to discuss what the people around us were enjoying, doing and wearing. We saw many blacks, whites and the odd navy here and there, all from common Eastern states brands.

It was during this fascination of our surroundings, our pies and our choc milks, that we had an idea. Why not incorporate everything we love about our very own surroundings, our nostalgia with a place we cherish so much and connect it all to the environment in which we live and importantly to those we live with.

From that lazy afternoon we can proudly and with great excitement present:

LazyWaves: A Western Australian brand inspired by the striking and unpredictable beauty of our coastlines centralised around a design philosophy that embodies tonal pieces with subtle design elements representing the Western Australian Lifestyle.

With our main focus on the many tonal colours of our coastline, we wish to submerge our designs in West Australian nostalgia. From the West end of Rottnest Island, down to Margaret River and up to Coral bay, our aim is to bring those who wear our clothes just that little bit closer together.

In a time where technology and social media are gradually taking away from the days of twin poles on the rocks to Kola beers in the park we wish to ensure those days are simply not forgotten.